Ever Merge – The new game app from Aristocrat Big Fish Gaming to download now

Ever Merge - The new game app from Aristocrat Big Fish Gaming to download now

Ever Merge the new game app from Aristocrat Big Fish Gaming is now a must to download and enjoy for fun with your mobile. This app can be downloaded from Apple Play store or Google Play store all free on your mobile be it Android or iOS. The unique about this game app is its evermerge features. With lots of puzzles to solve in the storyboard you merge to clear the fog over the land and reveal candy trees, wheat fields, magic flowers, and MORE! In this world, wonders never end and everything makes a rewarding combo. Merge to see what new character you will meet next!

Ever Merge - The new game app from Aristocrat Big Fish Gaming to download now

With a  twist to some of the popular stories you jump into a NEW kind of ever after  like Sleeping Beauty has a caffeine addiction, Peter Pan is a cool friend on a hoverboard, Cinderella designs shoes for entertainment, and MORE! Merging doesn’t stop at combos of 3, or even combos of 5 – make the biggest merge and meet all the classics, some funny and friendly others with tricks and sass up their sleeves.

Make the biggest combos and the most fantastic matches – all you need to build this giant world is on one map!

The Ever Merge features of this game app

The Evermerge features of this game app
  • With evermerge features you can use the power of merging to build and discover
  • Unlock your favourite heroes by matching their special items.
  • Build magical castles through merging to give your heroes a new place to call Happily ever after
  • Collect bonus rewards for every new discovery. You can merge almost everything in this world to create more powerful items and complete your collection
  • Grow candy trees and other fantastical flora to create tasty treats that can help lift the curse
  • Celebrate the seasons earn unique decorations and more by participating in special events.
Evermerge free game app

Hidden under the fog is a magical world where new items are found in each merger. Combine hair brushes to collect Rapunzel, combine boots to see Puss evolve, and find other magical items to combine and turn into your favorite storybook characters. Fairytale characters are just the beginning! There are sweets to collect, search for desserts with sweets to make, and magical castles to build. Don’t let the merge or search be missed! 

It’s a big world out there, and you have everything you need to join and build in one magical land! The more resources you match, the bigger and stronger the combination! Clear the royal mist by combining resource combinations and revealing magic that is much bigger than your average puzzle match! Fun comes in three and five!

Download this free game app now. You are offered free credits to play this game Also there are in app purchases if you want to but more items or free credits to play more.