Buffalo Moon

Buffalo Moon

Buffalo Moon is a video pokies game by Aristocrat. Aristocrat gaming is well known for its popular Buffalo series of pokies games. Buffalo Moon pokies is inspired by the Native American culture. As Buffalos are considered sacred, spirit animals by the first inhabitants of North America, and these mighty beasts will bring you luck and big wins on the reels of this game as well.

The game takes place outdoors and the American plains under a night sky with 5-reel interface. Reels are in the foreground and stars shine in the background with a command bar located at the screen’s bottom. There is a conservative look created as per the traditional appeal of the game and offers information about this unique Native American belief.

Rather than featuring any standard payline structure, this pokies game allows the players to win in 1024 ways. The game comprises of five spinning reels. Additionally, it features Xtra Reel Power system. Xtra Reel Power means winning symbol combinations appearing anywhere on the game-screen will also count.

The Game Symbols

Buffalo Moon game symbols
Buffalo Moon game symbols

The paytable of Buffalo Moon contains 2 different groups of reel symbols. You can easily spot the difference thanks to their design and the rewards they yield.

The first group contains the most common symbols. These classic card icons start with the numbers 9 and 10, followed by the Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Your rewards will be limited to a relatively low level with combinations of these symbols, so try to score as many of them as you can to make up for that fact. However, these icons result in a relatively lesser payout.

 The second group contains the most featured symbols, for example, the mountain lion, the otter, the wolf, & the grizzly bear etc.

In this game, there are two key symbols that surely deserve your attention! These two symbols are the wilds and the scatters.

The moon symbol acts as the wild symbol of this game and it appears only on some specific reels (second, third, and fourth reel respectively). Plus, it will further replace all other symbols except the scatters.

The golden coin with the face of an eagle is the scatter symbol. This icon can pay you regardless of any position.

The rest of the menu features various wild animals such as the otter, the wolf, the mountain lion and the grizzly bear. Your rewards can go up to 250 times your wager here, and if you are lucky enough to score a combination of 5 buffalos then you will be rewarded by a whopping x1000 cash reward.

Game Features

  1. It is based on Xtra Reel Power system which is featured in most of Aristocrat’s games which allows win combination to be found on different parts of the screen.
  2. Participants can spin and gain wins in different ways which they can do once they set the wager and allow the reels to spin loose.
  3. Classic card icons from 9 to 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace offer lower payout while higher wins are associated with a mountain lion, grizzly bear, wolf, otter.
  4. Maximum win or jackpots can be 1000 times wagered amount which is obtained when 5 buffalo signs are seen on the reels.

To really make the best out of Buffalo Moon pokies, you will need to know about the special features of the game as well. The moon symbol can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. It plays the role of the wild card, which means that you can use it to replace any other basic symbol listed above.

The golden coin featuring an eagle on its face is the scatter of the game. This implies that this symbol will pay a cash reward regardless of its position on the reels. Land 3 or more of them simultaneously to access the free spin bonus game. You can choose how many free games you want to play, and with which multipliers. You will find that the more free spins you select, the lower the multipliers become, and vice versa.

How to play Buffalo Moon?

Buffalo Moon
Buffalo Moon free pokies

To play Buffalo Moon pokies for free you can join any online casino that houses Aristocrat pokies. Also you can download the Aristocrat games apps that have this game to spin all free. The Aristocrat apps are available for Android and iPhone and all you need is to visit the app store and install these games apps all free to spin the reels of this pokies machine.

Also you can enjoy Buffalo moon with real money at land casinos of your choice be it in Vegas or in Australia or New Zealand.

  • Once you have the game installed on your gaming device be it your smartphone or PC, simply tap or click to play.
  • In this online slot game, there is no provision of standard pay lines. However, this game allows you to hit a winning combination in 1024 ways!
  • In this game, you will need to place your preferred wager in coin denomination. Thus, your wins will be also calculated in coin denomination too. All the reels are played at a line cost of 50 coins. Now, choose your total bet prior starting the game. Total Bet = Reel Cost * Bet Per Reel.
  • Another important part of this game is its Xtra Reel Power that adds more chances of winning. Once, you have adjusted the total bet, use the “Spacebar” key or hit the “Spin” button and start your game play.
  • You will have to place a preferred wager amount prior spinning a reel. Note, you can kick-start your gaming journey with “Buffalo Moon” with a minimum bet of 10,000 coins. Alternatively, you can even place the maximum bet with an amount of 50,000 coins.
  • When the symbols and rules are found you can commence placing bets on the reels.
  • Bet buttons + and – will help a player to increase or decrease their wagering amounts.
  • A gambler can choose the amount they wish to put on the slot between the minimum and maximum range of the title.
  • There is also the option to place maximum bet on each payline; a participant could also set autoplay mode whereby the play lines will move a set number of times.
  • The basic rules of Buffalo Moon are quite easy and will let all players take a quick start on the reels. Even true beginners should not have any difficulty once they have learned the basics.
  • The game matrix comprises 5 spinning reels. As said above the game also features Aristocrat’s Xtra Reel Power system, which simply means that winning symbol combinations landing anywhere on the screen will count.
  • This means you can have hundreds of ways to win at every spin, and a lot of freedom. All you need to do is use the command bar under the reels to choose your wager and let the reels spin loose afterwards.
  • As playing with any pokies, you need to remember that the more you bet on the reels, the larger your rewards can become. It might be worth taking a risk and betting a little extra in order to score some larger wins in the future.
  • You can always turn to the autospin mode in order to speed up the entire process and place the same bet on several spins in a row.

How to win this pokies game?

There are certain ways to know which can help one to plan your strategy  to win when playing the game.

There are two symbols that activate bonus rounds; moon symbol is one that appears on 2, 3, 4 reels and acts as the wild.

  1. The golden coin features an eagle which acts as the scatter; this provides cash rewards when three or more found on the lines.
  2. Scatter also leads to free spins activated as a bonus game which also comes with multipliers. The integrated multiplier aspect provides big wins, and this is obtained whenever gold coin scatter is found.

Free games Feature

Buffalo Moon - Free games feature
Buffalo Moon – Free games feature

The Buffalo Moon features a lucrative bonus feature – Free Games Feature. Here, you can select your preferred Free Games Feature.

  • Green-Colored Moon Symbols: If one or more such symbols appear on the game-screen, it will award 20 free games and the payout for that win will be multiplied by 2x, 3x, or 5x respectively.
  • Purple-Colored Moon Symbols: If one or more purple moon symbols appear on the game-screen, it will award 15 free games and the payout for that win will be multiplied by 3x, 5x, or 8x respectively.
  • Blue-Colored Moon Symbols: If one or more such symbols appear on the game-screen, you’ll be awarded 10 free games and the payout for that win will be multiplied by 5x, 8x, or 10x respectively.
  • Red-Colored Moon Symbols: If one or more such icons appear on the game-screen, you’ll be awarded 8 free games and the payout for that win will be multiplied by 8x, 10x, or 15x respectively.
  • Yellow-Colored Moon Symbols: If one or more yellow moons appear on the game-screen, you’ll be awarded 5 free games and the payout for that win will be multiplied by 10x, 15x, or 30x respectively

Thus Free games choices will be as follows:

  • Win 20 Free games and if one or more Wild Moon icon replaces a win, that win will be multiplied by 2, 3, or 5.
  • Win 15 Free games and if one or more Wild Moon icon replaces a win, that win will be multiplied by 3, 5, or 8.
  • Win 10 Free games and if one or more Wild Moon icon replaces a win, that win will be multiplied by 5, 8, or 10.
  • Win 8 Free games and if one or more Wild Moon icon replaces a win, that win will be multiplied by 8, 10, or 15.
  • Win 5 Free games and if one or more Wild Moon icon replaces a win, that win will be multiplied by 10, 15 or 30.

Now, if two scattered Golden Coin icons appear on reel number # 1 and 2, if they do not contribute to a scatter win, you will be awarded five extra free games.

The Game Payouts

Buffalo Moon - Paytable
Buffalo Moon – Paytable

In Buffalo Moon pokies when you look at the paytable you will find that this game features a generous payout structure where the top-paying symbol is the Buffalo itself. With five buffalo symbols, you will win a reward of 1,000 coins. The base payout structure is defined below :

1. The five grizzly bears will reward you with 250 coins.

2. When you have five mountain lions they will offer you a payout of 200 coins.

3. If you get along with five wolves, you will win 150 coins.

4. Same goes for the Otters in the game. As with five otters, you will win 150 coins.