What Is The Wheel Feature In Buffalo Gold Pokies?

What is the wheel feature in Buffalo Gold Pokies

Aristocrat created a new version of Buffalo Gold and added a bonus wheel and jackpots to the original game.  Wheel feature in Buffalo Gold Pokies from Aristocrat is a wheel mechanic  that can further increase the bonus, along with another minor, yet critical addition to the base game to spread out the benefit a bit from the extra wager.

The change to the base game introduces the ability at random for 1-4 of the semi-premium animal symbols to turn to buffalo. This adds some symmetry to the base game since with the gold buffalo heads you can convert 1-4 of the semi-premium animal symbols as well. Unlike the bonus, this is for a single spin, but can improve a spin anywhere from marginally to substantially.

Buffalo Gold Pokies

You will find the wheel added to the top screen, which is where you begin your bonus. The wheel contains a variety of wedges, including:

  • Credit prizes
  • Gold buffalo heads, giving you a head start in the free spins
  • A progressive prize

Free Games

The Free Games start will award another spin on the wheel, which upgrades each spin. On the fifth spin, all the wedges will initiate the Free Games. Depending on what the wheel awards you can get up to 15 gold buffalo heads before you even start your free games.

Once you enter the free games, it works otherwise identically to the Buffalo Gold free spins, just with any heads you won on the wheel starting your count off. So it can be easier to get to 15 heads, but you start with the same number of spins as any standard Buffalo game – 8 free spins for three coins, 15 for four coins, and so on. Retriggers give the same number of games as well.

These new add on feature serves as a big win and big bonus for many players.

So the newer version of this game adds a jackpot bonus wheel into the mix. Instead of simply triggering free spins, you get a wheel spin. There are 3 outcomes:

  • Free Spins: This simply starts the bonus feature covered above, the number of spins depends on how many bonus symbols you triggered with
  • Coin Amounts / Jackpots: Win a progressive jackpot or cash amount, then spin again
  • Extra Heads: Get between 1 and 3 gold heads to kick start your spins, then spin again

Each time you spin and do not trigger the free spins, the wheel will upgrade. This adds more gold heads and bigger cash prizes for your next spin.

With sharp new graphics, ‘Revolutions’ adds some extra incentives without straying too far from the game play of the main Buffalo Gold game.

How to play Buffalo Gold Pokies?

how to play Buffalo Gold Pokies
Play Buffalo Gold Pokies

As with the original Buffalo pokies version, you’ll spin over a 4 by 5 grid of reels in an all-ways winning system is used. This means you need symbols on consecutive reels from the left in any position to trigger wins. Denominations vary, with the most common penny version offering bets between 60c and $3,60.

Graphics are similar to the older Buffalo  pokies . The distinctive purple Buffalo symbols pay best. You only need 2 from the left to trigger a win with these symbols. Eagles, Elk, Coyotes and wolves are the remaining original / higher paying symbols. Playing cards aces down to nines are used for the smaller wins.

  • Wild multipliers in the game: Wild symbols, showing a sunset scene can appear on the middle 3 reels. These can get multipliers at random, which apply to all the wins they help create. Wild multipliers work together, giving you big win potential when you hit 2 or 3 wilds in a single spin.
  • Collect Gold Buffalo Heads: The Buffalo Gold slot machine is so popular that people that follow it can enter the ’15 head club’. This means that you got the free spins and then collected all 15 of the special golden buffalo heads on the reels.
  • The free spins are triggered by hitting 3 or more of the gold coins. You get 8, 15 or 20 spins for 3, 4 or 5 of these. While you are in the free spins bonus, just 2 more coins will add 5 more spins to your total.

During your bonus, the sunset wild symbols will always get a multiplier of 2x or 3x.

Gold heads look like sparkling versions of the buffalo symbols. When you get one, you’ll hear a rattlesnake sound effect, and it will move up to the top of the screen where a meter shows you how many you collected.

As you collect them, the different original symbols turn into buffalo symbols.

  • If you collect four Eagles Change
  • When collecting 7 Coyotes Change
  • If you collect 12 Wolves Change
  • Collecting all 15 Elks Change
Buffalo GOld pokies paytable
Buffalo Gold Paytable

By the time you have a couple of these symbols as buffalo, the potential for huge wins with multiple 5 of a kind buffalo, shoots up. Combine these with those wild multipliers and easy retriggers for extra excitement.

Wins can come from nowhere, with any line hit with wild multipliers having the potential for 27x on your wins. It is the free spins bonus which is the main appeal. You will need a few retriggers to hit the top of the gold head collection ladder. As you move up, the screen will slowly fill with the top-paying buffalo symbols. If you are lucky enough to get all 15, especially with those wild multipliers, then you could be looking at some huge hits.

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