What Is 5 Of A Kind In Pokies Games?

5 of a kind

5 of a kind is a game feature in pokies games as well in poker games. In poker games Five of a Kind is the strongest possible hand in certain games of Poker. In the standard rules of most popular formats, such as Omaha and Texas Hold’Em, a Five of a Kind is not possible since each deck of cards contains only four cards of each kind. However, in certain variants, Jokers are included as a wildcard, which may be used to make five of a kind if the player has four other cards of the same rank.

Five of a Kind is an extremely rare hand in these other variants of Poker, although there are two main sets of rules for how a Five of a Kind can be achieved. Sometimes, the Joker acts as a wildcard which can substitute for an Ace, but only if the player has four other Aces. It cannot be used to make five of a kind for cards of any other rank.

In these rules, the Joker may also be used to complete straights, flushes, and straight flushes.However, in some variants, the Joker is simply allowed to act as any card in the deck of the player’s choosing. In this case, it is possible to have Five of a Kind of other ranks beside Aces – for example, five queens or five sevens. Standard hand ranking for four of a kind, three of a kind and pairs applies in this situation: so, for example, Five of a Kind – Queens would be a higher ranking hand than Five of a Kind – Sevens.In most variants of poker, however, a five of a kind is not a legitimate hand and is impossible to obtain. Thus, the highest possible hand is ordinarily the Royal Flush (the highest possible straight flush).

5 of a kind and all ways pays in pokies

5 of a kind all ways
5 of a kind all ways

As you know that lately in video pokies you have a  5×3 or 5×4 reel layout. So you effectively have 5 reels, with 3 or 4 symbols in each column. This means these are all ways pays where  instead of having to have symbols line up on specific lines, as long as the symbols appear at least once on each of the first few reels, it will pay you, and if you have one on each reel, that pays as a five of a kind.

For some players, this can be easier to understand than trying to figure out what’s a line and what isn’t, so that can be appealing in some ways. With some video reels games hitting 50 or even 75 lines, it can get trickier to track, so all ways pays makes it simple – if the symbols appear on enough reels, you get paid.

All Ways Pays gets more volatile because symbols can be clustered, with 2 or more stacked on top of each other. The pays are then evaluated by multiplying the win based on the number on each reel. The way the reel stacks are arranged, it’s tougher to get a bunch of symbols together, but if you do, it can be very big.

As an example  5 of a coin coins pays $1 on a 1x Dancing Drums bet. But this picture has 2 coins each on reels 3, 4 and 5. So the win is multiplied by 8 (1x1x2x2x2) to become $8. In the case of the screenshot, the line bet was 6, so 8×6 gets you to the $48 win. This makes it a 100x win. More coins would pay even more.

The Buffalo series is another great example of stacked symbols, as when you get a lot of buffalo on the screen it can pay really well. The series takes it a step further by, while in the bonus, allowing multipliers to crop up on every wild symbol.

Buffalo Gold is a sequel that pushes things just a step further by allowing some of the non-poker symbols to change to buffalo when a certain number of gold heads are collected, upping the chances of a heavy buffalo hit.

In the above Buffalo Gold example, you actually see the same arrangement as a baseline as the Dancing Drums example: 1x1x2x2x2, factoring in wilds, but we have the top paying symbol of buffalo in this case. 5 of a kind on a 60 cent bet pays $3, or 5x, so you get a healthy $24 (40x) win if it was just buffalo symbols. But the wilds, which can be x2 or x3, in this case both swung x3, So now that $24 is multiplied by 9, for a $216 total win on a single bonus spin. That’s 360x the bet!

As you can imagine, for games to have this potential, there’s a lot of dead spins. In the case of Buffalo Gold, you pay a 20 cent premium on every base game spin just for the chance to get a gold bonus, rack up the gold heads, and get wave after wave of buffalo head assuming you get enough coins to retrigger.

Types of All Ways Play Pokies

When betting on an all-ways slot you have a fixed stake to play all ways to win. You can then increase the stake in fixed increments. For instance, it might be 25 cents to play all ways to win on the lowest stake. You can then double the bet to 50 cents, meaning your potential dividends double.

Each all-ways pokies game will have its own payout structure offering far greater flexibility than the standard pay-line game.

  1. 243-ways pokies games: You can find these games easily at online casinos. You can tell if a game has 243 ways to win if it has five reels and three symbols displayed on each reel (3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243).
  2. 720-ways-to-win pokies: They exist but you won’t find too many of them at online casinos – they never really took off. The oddity with these games is they display different amounts of symbols on the five reels. For instance, a machine might have 3 x 3 x 4 x 4 x 5, which of course equals 720.
  3. 1024-ways-to-win pokies: These pokies have five reels and four symbols on display (4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 1024) and are some of the most popular on the Internet. What you are trying to do is match up three or more of the symbols on the five reels. Each game will have its different nuances. For instance, some will require you to get the first two symbols on the first two reels.
  4. 3125-ways pokies: You won’t find too many of these but they are slowly growing in popularity. They have five symbols and five reels displayed (5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3125) to the player and have definitely pushed the boundaries to levels we haven’t seen before. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Here are some features you might find when playing all-ways pokies games. Just remember, each game has its own stipulations so learn the rules before playing.

  • Scattered symbols: This usually involves hitting three or more of the feature symbol. Depending on the game you might trigger free spins or a bonus round. Some of the themed online pokies have a bonus round that will highlight said theme with clips from a movie or about whatever it is based on.
  • Bonus rounds: There are varying ways for players to trigger a bonus round. It may happen randomly or by something you have done in the game, such as landing the scattered symbols.
  • Progressive jackpots: Some pokies will have a feature where you contribute a small percentage of your stake each spin to a communal pot.