What Are The Popular Two Aristocrat Storm Pokies Games To Play Online?

Dollar storm game

Storm pokies games from Aristocrat are quite popular pokies to play online. To name a few you can find Storm Queens, Dollar Storm pokies games to play. The popular two Aristocrat storm pokies games to play online are Alaskan Storm and Diamond Storm. Here below about these pokies and how to play them.

1. Alaskan Storm Deluxe pokies

Alaskan Storm
Alaskan Storm

Alaskan storm Deluxe pokies will take you the great outdoors of Alaska region. Filled with gorgeous natural scenery and diverse wildlife, the Land of the Midnight Sun has been a popular destination for those who are willing to see how the nature and wild intermingle with each other.

If you have previously played the Aristocrat pokies game Timber Wolf Deluxe, Alaskan Storm is somewhat similar to this pokies game. The only difference is that Alaskan storm pokies will have updated features and graphics and at land casino it comes in a beautiful cabinet loaded with more pokies to play.

About Alaskan Storm Deluxe pokies game

The Alaskan Storm Deluxe video pokies is a new wilderness-themed pokies that utilizes the 1024 ways to win format over five reels. That means that you’ll score prizes on every possible left-to-right combination possible across the game’s 4×5 layout; there’s no need to worry about paylines, as whether you play for the minimum or make a max bet, you’ll gain access to every possible winning line. Because this is a live slot machine, there is no play for free option; you’ll need to play with real cash if you want to give this title a try.

The object of the game is pretty typical: you’ll want to make matches of identical symbols across the reels. For smaller prizes, you can put together lines of card rank icons, ranging from nines up through kings. Bigger wins come from putting together the machine’s various wildlife symbols, such as fish, owls, deer and moose. Bears are the biggest winners of all, and often come stacked on the reels to give them even more earning power.

It’s also possible to spot some eagles flying around on the second and fourth reels. These are wild symbols that can help complete winning lines with anything else that appears on screen, making them extremely valuable for players to come across.

The game symbols in Alaskan Storm

The most valuable symbol to spot, however, is the coin. If you can hit three or more coins from left to right – including wilds, which can substitute for this symbol as well – then you’ll be taken into the only bonus game found on this machine. This free spins game offers players the chance to choose from several different bonus variations, each of which offers up a different level of volatility.

Players who want to play a relaxed bonus game can take 21 free games with small multipliers to their wild symbols: 2x on the second reel, and 3x on the third. However, you can also choose to take a higher multiplier over smaller numbers of spins. These gradually get higher, with the highest volatility option offered to gamblers being just six free games with multipliers of 5x and 10x on the wilds.

These multipliers can stack, and it is also possible to retrigger this bonus by finding more coins during the feature. Additionally, if you hit one or both wilds and fail to win on a spin, the game awards a free re-spin to give you a second opportunity for a big score.

Bonus feature

The Alaskan Storm Deluxe pokies is not much filled with features. As there is only one bonus feature that allows the player to control their level of volatility and decide what’s best for them. That means that those who just want to lock in a win are free to do so, while those who want to chase after a massive win with huge multipliers have that option as well.

2. Diamond Storm pokies

Diamond Storm
Diamond Storm

Diamond storm is another popular Aristocrat storm pokies to play. Diamond Storm, pokies machine released by Aristocrat in 2015. It’s a game that relies on many of the standard tropes of traditional slot machines, while adding enough extra flair to stand out from the pack.

About Diamond Storm

Diamond Storm is a sharp looking five-reel, 30 payline slot machine that can be found at many live casinos. The object of the game is a simple one: you’ll be trying to match identical (or similar) symbols from left to right across the reels, with longer combinations earning you some bigger prizes.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that many of the symbols you’re playing with on this machine are the same ones that have been popularized by slots for more than a century now. There are cherries, bars, sevens, and liberty bells, all of which we’ve seen a million times before. As in many of the old-school three-reel games, you can even mix and match the bars and sevens: each come in multiple versions (exactly which variants appear can vary depending on the exact version of the machine you’re playing), and while you’ll earn more if you make perfect matches, you can mix and match bars or sevens or different types and still bring in some cash.

The biggest potential winner of all, naturally, is the diamond. This is actually a scatter, with larger and larger awards being paid out as you find more and more of them on the reels, regardless of where they appear. Another important icon to look out for is the star. This is a wild that can substitute for any other symbols, helping to complete winning combinations.

Bonus Round Feature in Diamond Storm pokies

The most exciting feature on this machine is the bonus round, which is triggered whenever you hit at least three bonus symbols on the same spin. When this happens, you’ll be awarded with 10 free spins, all of which come with the additional advantage of having extra diamonds added to the reels. This means it is easier than ever for you to make massive combinations, winning big prizes that can boost your bankroll in an instant.

There are two major versions of this machine, each of which make it easier to hit big combinations or even the large jackpot prizes that can come when you hit a large number of diamonds. First, there’s Flamin’ Hits, in which – as described above – additional jackpot diamonds are added to the reels during the bonus round. The other option is Liberty Stripes, which offers a special hold and respin feature during this round. This will let you continue to collect jackpot symbols, leading to tense situations where your prizes grow larger and larger as the reels respin.

In Diamond Storm pokies games the bonus round makes this pokies game an exciting and potentially lucrative game each time you play it is enough to take this machine from forgettable to fun and entertaining.

You can play these two popular storm pokies from Aristocrat online for free at any casino that offers pokies from Aristocrat.