What Are Bonus Rounds And Features In Pokies Games?

Bonus rounds in pokies

When playing modern video pokies you will come across bonus rounds and bonus features in the game that are triggered as you spin the reel and award you great wins. With latest pokies games this feature is common to experience and many players often have this question in mind as what are these bonus rounds and how to play them.

There are a huge number of different types of bonus games that can be triggered to players when playing video pokies online so here get to know the most commonly awarded bonus games and bonus features that you will come across in your real money pokies game play.

1. Bonus Games with Free Spins

Bonus rounds in pokies
Bonus Bears pokies – Free Spins Bonus

The pokies games which can offer a player a set of free spins are often the most played nowadays at online casinos, and these games usually feature a set of what are known as Scatter symbols attached to most or all of the reels. You have to spin the reels into view on the pokies game screen, in any position, a certain number of the Scatter symbols and when you will be rewarded with certain number of free spins.

You don’t have to change your stakes or anything but these free spins will play out at the same stake levels and number of paylines that were put into play on the base game spin that triggered this type of bonus game, however many pokies will award a multiplier value on their free spins and as such if a winning combination is formed the winning payout is boosted by the multiplier value.

Free spins bonus games can often also be re-triggered by players and this is often done when another set number of Scatter symbols drop into view as any one single free spin game is being played out.

2. Bonus Games with Pick to Win

Magic spell
Magic spell

The pick to win type of bonus games awarded on several new pokies games and are easy to play, as these can be awarded whenever a set number of bonus symbols either line up in a certain way on the base game screen or these games may be randomly awarded. Once triggered all you need is to click on one or more locations on the screen in the hope that any position that you have clicked on will uncover a large number of coins or a base game staked amount multiplier, and winnings won from these types of bonus games are accumulated and awarded as one final winning payout when the pick to win bonus game comes to an end.

Some pick to win bonus game will let you pick off an unlimited number of locations displayed on the pokies games screen, these types of pick to win bonus rounds only end when a player uncovers a Game over or Collect type message hiding underneath one of the locations chosen.

3. Bonus Games with Pick and Match

Rainbow riches
Rainbow riches

A pick to match type of bonus game feature round is very much like the above type of bonus game feature round, however when playing off this type of bonus game you need to match two or more identical symbols or cash amounts hiding under various locations on the bonus game screen.

When you match two or more symbols of the same type you are then awarded with the corresponding payout associated with those symbols as displayed on the bonus game pay table.

Some pokies will have a set of progressive jackpots that could be won when this bonus game is awarded, and when this bonus game is triggered you will have to match symbols associated with each of the different progressive jackpots on offer and you need to get the required number of matching symbols attached to the highest valued progressive jackpot!

4. Bonus Games with Spin the Wheel

Wheel of fortune
Wheel of fortune

Spin the wheel bonus games are available when playing lates video pokies as well as classic three reel pokies. Also these do not have any element of skill attached to them, all you need to do is to set the wheel into motion and as the wheel will be divided up into different segments each containing a set of coins or a base game staked amount multiplier, whichever segment of the wheel stops opposite the pointer on the bonus game screen will be the winning payout you are awarded with.

Some pokies have skill based bonus game feature rounds however those are usually only found only on the Fruit Machine type pokies games, however you may occasionally find them on offer on some Video pokies games.

5. Bonus Games with Progressives Jackpots

Mega moolah progressive jackpot pokies
Mega moolah progressive jackpot

Some pokies games have a bonus game that you need to trigger when playing that pokies and these are the progressive jackpot awarding bonus game feature rounds, which when triggered could see you being awarded one of the progressive jackpots attached to that pokies game.

The most commonly found progressive jackpot awarding bonus games are the pick to win ones and the wheel spinning ones, you will find that when a pokies offers more than one progressive jackpot then when they are awarded via a bonus game you will first have to play off that bonus game to discover just which progressive jackpot you have won.

Some pokies will guarantee that you will definitely win one of the progressive jackpots when this special bonus game is triggered whilst some of these bonus games give you a chance of winning a progressive jackpot when it is triggered but there are no guarantees that you will win so always play responsibly and stick to your bankroll.

There are many new pokies games having these bonus games and bonus rounds with other wonderful features to play and experience as  well as make some wins. Just visit the online casino of your choice to play pokies for real money with real money AUD or BTC.