The Story Behind Aristocrat 5 Dragons Pokies Machine

5 Dragons
5 Dragons

Do you like Dragons? Question is a bit abrupt as you might say you never saw a dragon. But did dragons really existed? The question to this answer is  belief and faith of a particular society. In Asian countries Animal worship has been since ancient times. China for instance have great dragons as a good luck charm and this has more significance in their culture and daily life.

5 Dragons pokies game developed by Aristocrat is very popular among all casino players. The developers of this game captured the Chinese and Asian theme in this game as they wanted to show to the world that Dragons are powerful and the belief is what it is all about whether it is game or culture.

As Aristocrat is based in Australia which is much closer to China is another reason that it makes so many Asia-themed pokies to play. Before we know more about the game let us know what these dragons do and how they were formed?

What gave birth to dragons?

Birth of Dragon
Birth of Dragon

A number of legends concerning the origin of the dragon emerged in the course of Chinese history, of which the Totem-Worship Theory is more popular than the others. A totem is an object such as an animal or a plant that serves as an emblem or protector of a tribe, reminding them of their ancestry, and the tribe firmly believes that they are related by blood to a certain animal. Almost every tribe had its own unique totem in ancient times.

It was said that Huangdi  fought with Yandi for the throne after the demise of Chi You, which ended up with the victory of Huangdi who adopted an imaginary dragon for his coat of arms. Later, Huangdi launched a series of wars against the nine tribes on the Yellow River Valley, and incorporated the other tribes’ totems into his own after defeating them (thus explaining why the dragon has attributes of nine other creatures), claiming himself to be monarch of the central plains of China after his great unification. The dragon totem has been popular throughout China ever since.

Thus symbolizing strength it has imaginable paws of the tiger, the beard of the goat, the scales of the carp and the belly of the snake -looks a dragon.

What can a dragon do?

Strength of Dragon
Dragon a symbol of strength

The dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles, fish, and imaginary creatures, but they are most commonly depicted as snake-like with four legs. In yin and yang terminology, a dragon is yang and complements a yin feng huang (“Chinese phoenix”).

Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. With this, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength

According to legends, the Chinese dragon is able to breathe fire, summon wind and call for rain, fly into the clouds and hide at the bottom of the sea; it’s also capable of becoming as large as the sky or disguising itself by being as tiny as a pinhead.

Dragon as a Symbol

Dragon as symbol
Chinese dragon

Chinese Dragons are a benevolent symbol in Chinese culture. From celebrations to the Zodiac, to historical rulers, the dragon has played a large part in China’s rich history.

  • Starting in the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), Emperors took on the symbolism of the Dragon as they hoped to bring good fortune to their lands.
  • The number 9 is considered lucky in Chinese culture, and this fact is reflected in the depiction of the Chinese Dragon. Nine different animal resemblances make up the appearance of the Chinese dragon.
  • The scales of a Chinese dragon further display the significance of lucky number 9. It is said that dragons possess scales of both the yin and yang essence, with 81 and 36 scales respectively, both numbers being multiples of 9.
  • The dragon was in official use during the Qing dynasty. The Azure Dragon was featured on the national flag until 1912. It featured again on the Twelve Symbols national emblem, which was used from 1913-1928,

Are there Children of the Dragon?

9 Children of Dragon
9 Children of Dragon

According to Chinese myths, the dragon has nine children (not including mortals, such as the legendary Yandi): Bixi, Qiuniu, Yazi, Chaofeng, Pulao, Chiwen, Bi’an, Suanni and Pixiu. More interestingly, the nine dragon children have different characters from one another, and their images (to be more specific, imaginary images) are widely used in architectural decoration, especially in the imperial palaces.

  • Bixi, the eldest of the nine dragon children, has the shape of a turtle with sharp teeth, and is fond of carrying heavy objects; it’s often depicted on the sides of grave monuments.
  • Qiuniu, a yellow scaly dragon, has a liking for music and excels in playing it; it’s often used to adorn musical instruments.
  • Yazi, with a snake belly and a leopard head, is keen on fighting and killing; it’s often used as the decoration of sword grips.
  • Chaofeng has an instinctive taste for adventure; it’s often used to adorn the roof ridges of palaces.
  • Pulao is known for its loud crying; it’s often used as handles on the top of bells.
  • Chiwen, living in the sea, has a harsh voice and takes delight in devouring the other creatures; it’s often erected on the ends of ridgepoles of palaces.
  • Bi’an has a fancy for lawsuits, so it’s often erected at jail gates.
  • Suanni has a shape of a lion and takes delight in sitting cross-legged and smelling the odor of incense; it’s often depicted on the incense burners and seats of Buddhist temples.
  • Pixiu is fierce and majestic with a horse’s body, and it’s in charge of exorcising the demons to keep Heaven safe; it’s often used to guard gates.

Dragons in Art

Dragon in Art
Dragon in Art

You will find the dragon used as a symbol of strength and gentleness in virtually all forms of Chinese art – from paintings on ancient Chinese scrolls to modern day dances, and of course the architecture. Ancient Chinese architecture heavily incorporated the dragon motif into their work, which can be seen today in the form of adornments on rooftops of historical buildings, or as large stone statues. Sometimes the strength and shape of the dragon was even incorporated into the layout of an edifice.

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance
Dragon Dance

The dragon dance is performed at many celebrations, including the extravagant Chinese New Year celebrations, in hopes of bringing the good fortune and prosperity associated with the dragon. Generally a long dragon, spanning up to 70 meters, was historically constructed using hoops made of bamboo covered by glistening fabric and supported by poles, held by dancers moving fluidly as one body. They bring the dragon to life by raising and lowering their poles to let the majestic creature wave through the air.

5 Dragons Pokies Game

5 Dragon Pokies Game
Dragon Pokies

5 Dragons is an oriental themed pokies game was launched in August 2011. The ‘reel power’ sign shows that there are no traditional win-lines. Instead this pokies has 243 ways to win, with any combination from left to right on any reel counting. Other notable features include an optional ante bet and the ability to choose your free spins feature from 5 options.

You can play this game online or at land based casinos or even with your mobile devices with 5 dragons App available free at iTunes too.

The symbols are colorful and themed on ancient Chinese icons including a dragon, golden carp and tortoise.

With 243 ‘all-ways’ technology, you will not need to select the number of lines to play with this game. When playing just hit the ‘credit’ button on the bottom left to choose your coin value and the ‘bet one’ button to choose a line multiplier. The smallest spin is 30c (1c credit at 1x multiplier). The max bet is $9. These amounts include the ‘ante’ which you can select by clicking the ‘5 Reels + Extra’ button. The ante improves the multipliers when the free spins bonus feature is triggered. This does increase the overall return to player percentage of the game.

The top symbols are the golden dragon and the carp, which both pay 800 per credit for 5 of a kind. The tortoise and red packet pay 300 for 5 symbols. Golden coins act as the scatter symbol and will trigger the bonus feature. There is also a wild symbol in the form of a fire / dragon combination. The remaining symbols are the playing cards ace through nine.

After a win you’ll have the chance to take a gamble to double your money. The ‘bet one’ and ‘bet max’ buttons become ‘gamble’ buttons. Clicking either takes you to a separate screen, where you choose from red or black for a randomly dealt card.

When you trigger the bonus by hitting 3 gold coins, you’ll get to choose from 5 options. The options are for more free spins with a lower win multiplier, or fewer spins with a bigger multiplier.

First the spins and multiplier choices are better if you choose the ‘ante’ bet during normal play. This bonus can be retriggered while playing. This works by letting you complete your current round, then offering the choice of spins / multipliers once again. An extra bonus is awarded for the red packets if you get these on reels 1 and 5 during the free spins bonus.

You will also find 5 Dragons Deluxe (with enhanced graphics and features)and 5 Dragons gold (has new features and audio-visual effects across core, multi-games and link categories) to play at the casinos reincarnations of the original by Aristocrat gaming technology.

There is another latest release The Third Prince again a pokies that is based on dragon and the Prince.

Now enjoy 5 dragons pokies game with all enthusiasm and faith in the dragon to give you power to win the game! Click here to play now