Fire Light

Fire Light pokies from Aristocrat was released in 2011. Do you believe there is fire light? Many believe that fire light is a myth. Firelight draws upon an eclectic group of traditions nonetheless, featuring a drum that could be found in almost any Native American culture, a background image of a Mesoamerican culture temple, a fantasy priestess or shamaness, and a sapphire amulet. According to some commentators also associate the Firebird of Native American myth with the Thunderbird.

In fact these are two different mythological creatures and the Firebird in this game appears to share characteristics with some non-American mythical creatures. Among the Pacific Northwest tribes there are several variations of the same story about how men acquired fire from the Firebird. It either tested or teased people who were cold and freezing until it found a woman of virtue, whom it permitted to harvest fire from its tail.

There are also several variations on the same myth about how major volcanoes in the Cascades are connected. Mount St. Helens is said to have been a beautiful immortal maiden over whom two warriors fought. The Great Spirit turned them all into fire mountains (volcanoes) to protect the world from the anger of the warriors. It is of interest that the connections that Native American stories make between the various volcanoes have been confirmed by science, thus indicating that the stories preserve cultural memories of real eruptions in the past.

The priestess in Firelight could be inspired by the myth of the maiden, who was called Loowit in most stories. She was originally an old woman whom the Great Spirit made immortal. When she complained that she would spend eternity as an old woman he also restored her youth. It was her beautiful youthfulness that attracted the two warriors as suitors. She could not choose between them and so they fought for her.

Wish to see a Fire Light, why not play the Fire Light Aristocrat pokies game.

About Fire Light pokies

Firelight is a 5 reel, 3 row video pokies  game. This 5 reel pokies game comes with 243 ways to win also called the Reel Power. using Aristocrat’s trademarked Reel Power betting system, where the player activates reels 2 through 5 by betting more coins per spin.  The bet amounts are adjusted by setting the Bet Per Reel value. The more reels activated the more ways there are to win. All prizes pay from left to right and winning combinations are formed by three or more adjacent tiles showing the same symbol on active reel positions. Reel 1 and the middle row are always active.

The prize amounts are adjusted upward based on how many reels are active. Hence, the game provides an incentive for playing all five reels even though that is more expensive than playing fewer reels.

This pokies has a legendary theme with an ancient creature called the Phoenix. The legend of the phoenix is that it lives for 500 years. Before its end it fly’s to a legendary location where it dies and is then reborn from its ashes.

Game Symbols

Game symbols

The game appears to be mixing motifs from North and South American native cultures, although the majority of the symbols are highly stylized representations of Pacific Northwest myth and culture.

  • The game’s Wild symbol is the Volcano. The Volcano substitutes for all other symbols in the game except for the Scatter. The Volcano only appears on reel 3 and when it contributes to a winningcombination a random multiplier of X2, X3, or X5 is applied to all combinations helped by the Volcano. The Volcano tile erupts to indicate that it is part of a winning combination.
  • The Firebird is the game’s Scatter symbol. When three or more of these symbols appear on the screen in adjacent positions starting on reel 1, they trigger the Free Spins bonus game. See below fordetails. The value of the Firebird is proportionate to the number of reels in play. Five of a kind on 5 active reels pays 1000 times Total Bet, whereas five of a kind on 1 active reel pays only30 times Total Bet. Four of a kind pays from 8 to 250 times Total Bet. Three of a kind pays from 3 to 100 times Total Bet.

Other symbols in Firelight Pokies

The other symbols in this pokies games are as follows:

  • The Priestess pays from 200 to 500 times Bet Per Reel for five of a kind, from 50 to 100 times Bet Per Reel for four of a kind, and from 10 to 20 times Bet Per Reel for three of a kind. She bows her head and a brilliant light bursts from her unseen hands when she forms a winning combination.
  • The Figurine pays from 150 to 250 times Bet Per Reel for five of a kind, from 35 to 50 times Bet Per Reel for four of a kind, and from 5 to 15 times Bet Per Reel for three of a kind.
  • The Drum pays from 150 to 250 times Bet Per Reel for five of a kind, from 35 to 50 times Bet Per Reel for four of a kind, and from 5 to 15 times Bet Per Reel for three of a kind.
  • The Gold Ring pays from 100 to 200 times Bet Per Reel for five of a kind, from 25 to 35 times Bet Per Reel for four of a kind, and from 5 to 10 times Bet Per Reel for three of a kind.
  • The Ceremonial Amulet pays from 100 to 200 times Bet Per Reel for five of a kind, from 25 to 35 times Bet Per Reel for four of a kind, and from 5 to 10 times Bet Per Reel for three of a kind.

The remaining symbols in the game are culled from the usual playing card emblems of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9. The Ace, King, Queen, and Jack each have their respective adornments (green gem, large crown, small crown, and shield) per Aristocrat’s usual designs. All six symbols have the same prize values: they pay from 75 to 100 times Bet Per Reel for five of a kind, from 20 to 25times Bet Per Reel for four of a kind, and from 3 to 5 times Bet Per Reel for three of a kind.

The important symbols to look out for are the phoenix and the volcano. Other symbols in the game include a drum, a warrior, a ring, an idol and 5 high value card symbols.

How to play Fire Light Pokies?

Play for free

The Fire Light pokies game can be played online for free or with real money. You can use the following navigation to explore the game which can be played on your mobile or PC.

An information marquee positioned above the playing reels displays random messages and compliments. Another marquee immediately below the playing reels recaps how much you win after each spin and also shares tips about the game. All the game controls are placed below the second marquee for convenient management and minimal distraction.

The Reel Cost button is on the far left side of the control dashboard. It holds green Minus and Plus buttons that you use to adjust the number of reels you are playing on. The cost for 1 reel isX1, for 2 reels is X5, for 3 reels is X10, for 4 reels is X20, and for all five reels is X30. In other words, you pay from 1 to 30 coins per spin depending on how many reels you activate.

The Bet Per Reel button adjusts the coin value. This widget uses green Minus and Plus buttons to scroll up and down through the available coin values: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75,1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00, and 2.50.

The Total Bet button merely displays the product of Reel Cost times Bet Per Reel. The maximum possible bet you can wager is 75.00.

The Win button displays the sum of all prizes you won on the last spin.

The large green Play button initiates a single paid spin. It converts into an orange Stop button that you can use to interrupt the animations of the spinning reels. Clicking on this button doesnot alter the outcome of any spin.

Like any other pokies there is a Auto spin feature to use as well. Use the Minus and Plus buttons to adjust the number of spins you want the game to play for you and then click on the Play button. The game keeps spinning, deducting the cost of the Total Bet from your balance, until one of five things happens: you leave the game session, you stop the automatic spins, the last automatic spin is completed, you win a Free Spins bonus game, or your available balance drops below the amount of the Total Bet.

There is a second dashboard below the game controls where your available balance is displayed on the left. The two buttons on the right are the Gear and the Question Mark. The Gear activates amini-dialog where you can adjust game sounds and toggle on or off use of the space bar on your keyboard as a Play button. The Question Mark activates the Pay Tables / Help screen system.

There are five tabs at the top of the Help screen. Click on any of these tabs to view the corresponding screen.

When you click on Pay Tables you’ll see five more tabs in a second row below the top. These tabs show you the various prize amounts for each variation on the active reels: 1 reel, 2 reels, 3reels, etc.

The Reel Power system has its own table where you can see which playing positions are active based on how many reels are active. Since there are only fifteen playing positions the 2ndand 3rd options would normally be the most economical choices but the graduated prize tables make it more worthwhile to pay for all five reels.

Free Spins 

Up to five Firebirds can trigger the game

When three Firebird symbols appear on reels 1, 2, and 3 a Free Spins bonus round is triggered. Up to five Firebirds can trigger the game and the number of free spins you win is determined by how many Scatters triggered the game: you get 6 free spins for 3 Scatters, 9 free spins for 4 Scatters, and 12 free spins for 5 Scatters.

Reels 1 and 2 become paired during the free spins, as do reels 4 and 5. Pairing means both reels show the exact same symbols. Hence, you only need to line up a symbol on reel 3 with any symbol on reel 2 to ensure you win a prize. This system does increase the chances of winning a three of a kind prize but really does not improve the chances of winning four of a kind or five of a kind.However, because the last two reels are paired you won’t ever win four of a kind; you’ll just win five of a kind if all five reels line up.

The paired reels are outlined by fire borders. All the reels spin and return random results but what this feature does is effectively make it a three reel game that pays for winning combinationsof 2 or 3 adjacent symbols, but the combinations have the values of 3 or 5 of a kind prizes.

To win free spins it all depends on how well reel 3 lines up with reel 2 (and by extension reel 1).

What you win Fire Light pokies? 

Fire Light pokies is a middle low variance pokies game with an RTP of 96%. The prize amounts for all the low value symbols is unusual. There are lots of neat payoffs for the high value symbols. You can look at it as improving your chances of getting a decent low end pay off or as devaluing the low value symbols even further but the prize amounts for the high value symbols are not substantially higher. This is a pretty tight if large prize distribution matrix.

The Free Spins bonus game is part of the enchantment but the third reel tends to favor stacked Wilds and stacked Priestess tiles. That is probably intentional to build up your anticipation. You might be able to adjust that RTP upward slightly on less complicated games by playing only 3 reels, but in this game the increased prize values for reels 4 and 5 almost push you into playing all five reels.

The wild symbol in the game is the volcano, which is able to substitute for all other symbols apart from the scatter. When the wild substitutes and creates a winning combination, the volcano will erupt your winnings and you get to be paid out 2, 3 or even 5 times your bet.

The scatter symbol in the game is represented by the phoenix. This icon can be scattered throughout the game.  If you land 3 of them you will be rewarded with 6 free spins, 4 of them will give you 9 spins and 5 of the symbols will give you 12 free spins. There is also a twin spins feature. In the free spins round the first and second reels pair up and the third and fourth reels pair up.

The twin reels will have the same type of symbols when they are spun and are in adjacent positions. There is also a gamble feature where you will be able to gamble with your winnings. You are able to double or quadruple your winnings if you are able to guess the correct suit or colour of the next card drawn. Winnings can be gambled up to 5 times, but on a wrong guess you will lose all your wins.