Aristocrat Launches New FarmVille Slot across its Edge X Cabinet

Farmville Slots

Now available across its EdgeX Cabinet

Aristocrat Launches its FarmVille Slot Across its EdgeX Cabinet, Based on the popular franchise theme, FarmVille by Zinga

Aristocrat announced the launch of its latest title, FarmVille across its EdgeX cabinet. Slot players will be able to enjoy some entertaining slot play and harvest some big wins playing the brand-new farm building game franchise theme. Based on the popular franchise theme, FarmVille by Zinga, players are greeted with their favorite farm animals with every spin.

About FarmVille Slot

Farmville Slots

FarmVille slot game is a 3×5 Reel Power slot that boasts high variance wins but offers frequent bonus game triggers. It also combines the excitement of the Progressive Free Games and Might Cash mechanisms. The progressive jackpots guarantee a $2,500 or $5,000 prize. The two reset after won, but offers the minimum payout. Other bonus features included in the game is the Mighty Cash Unlimited feature. This feature is where one of three levels will play out of the Mighty Cash. Bonus or prize awards are 2x, 3x and 4x all prizes on the board.

Free spins and wheel bonus features are two other guaranteed features that add to the entertainment value of the game. Aristocrat did an amazing job putting the fine details into the game and said since FarmVille is a popular and big name across the gaming industry it deserved to be on the big screen such as EdgeX.

Features in Farmville slot

Features in Farmville

FarmVille Slot Game combines the excitement of Mighty Cash and the popular Progressive Free Games mechanic into a new experience. In FarmVille, the number of Mighty Cash spins are incrementing and allows players to play a new Mighty Cash matrix every time the current Mighty Cash matrix is entirely filled up.

Mighty Cash level also determines the number of Mighty Cash spins awarded. If the player has remaining spins after a blackout, then a new matrix is presented and the round continues.

The Wheel Bonus Feature awards credits, free games with unlimited retrigger, or a pick and match 3 jackpot feature.

Aristocrat’s Edge X Cabinet

Aristocrat Edge Cabinet

Aristocrat’s exciting Edge X cabinet demonstrate how the future of large-form cabinets will be shaped by these innovative products. Titles on Edge X include the new titles Madonna, Mad Max: Fury Road, Farmville, and the latest in the incredibly successful The Walking Dead franchise, The Walking Dead III slot game.

Aristocrat’s EdgeX cabinet has a broad audience appeal across demographics with a form factor that reaches out to individual-style or social-style players with diverse single- or dual-player game formats.

The EdgeX cabinet has a completely new, eye-catching design featuring dual 43-inch landscape curved LCDs that provide personal panoramic game views with maximum horizons. The LCDs are ultra HD and 4K-ready, providing true-to-life play action. The sweeping 43-inch LCDs also help to create an ultra-large gaming feel that banks in a standard gaming space, plus EdgeX incorporates the latest advancements with a new graphics card that opens the potential for feature-rich creativity and increased player enjoyment.

Adding to the social component is a new dual-player virtual button deck for two-play operation. Further, the virtual button deck allows for virtually unlimited messaging opportunities, while providing the convenience of maintenance-free operation.

The sensory experience extends to EdgeX’s stereo audio plus ported subwoofer along with individually controlled LED edge lights. What’s more, its ergonomically designed sound bench invites single or dual play, appealing to individual-style or social-style players.

A built-in and easily accessible USB charge port keeps players charged and empowered to stay connected to the game and mobile phone, and free to share their fun new gaming experience across their favorite social channel.

Now a brand name as big as FarmVille deserves a screen and cabinet as big as the EdgeX with its two curved 43″ cinematic LCD screens displaying panoramic views, stereo symphonic surround sound and virtual button deck, all in a cabinet that occupies a “mini-jumbo” footprint.